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What is M2 Volleyball?

About M2

At M2 Volleyball, your player is our main job, our focus, and our passion. Our dynamic club directors and coaches Mauricio and Manuella bring together the psychological and scientific aspects of player development starting with our youngest players. Their passion for teaching and all-around athlete development is strong, and it is combined with the competitive advantage of their world-class coaching and playing skills.   

M2 Volleyball is a family, and our ultimate goal is to see our young players grow and develop into confident and competitive athletes, ready to set an example for the next generation. 

Our principles are based on a continuous lifecycle: We Develop. We Compete. We Win. We Advance. We select our coaches based on their adherence to this philosophy as well as their ability to deliver caring, compassionate, whole player development. 

But most importantly, we have fun because we get better together and we win together.  We hope you will come and join the M2 Volleyball family today!  

About our Club Directors

Coach Manuella

Anyone that has met Coach Manuella will agree that she is an incredibly strong woman that brings light to the life of everyone around her! Through the medium of volleyball, she has transformed the lives of many.

Manuella is a certified Physical Education teacher with a Master's Degree in Exercise Science and over 25 years of playing and coaching experience. She is a former international professional volleyball and beach tennis player -- playing volleyball professionally for six years in Brazil, Portugal, and Israel and winning a league championship in Israel in 2011. She has coached at the highest levels of youth volleyball, including leading her U13 team to a National Championship in Brazil in 2012.   

In her career, she has helped hundreds of kids achieve the best version of themselves. Her passion for teaching and life makes her a  great role model for all of the players that cross her path and there is no better person to lead your daughter on her volleyball journey. From beginners to top-level players, you will find that she is the right person to help them grow both on and off the court.

Coach Mauricio

Coach Mauricio

Coach Mauricio

Coach Mauricio has been involved with sports since 1996 when he began playing soccer at school in his hometown of Niteroi, Brazil. Then came handball and then volleyball, which quickly became his passion. From 1997-2003 he played in clubs in Brazil, learning from some of the best coaches in the world.

Very competitive, he focused on continually learning and planning for a professional career. As a setter, he was always among the best in the state and was among the top 3 in Brazil from 2000 - 2003. He also played in Brazil's national championships every year, always finishing in the top 5.  

In 2003, Mauricio signed his first professional contract to play in the Spanish Volleyball Super League -- the start of a  long professional career, that spanned seven different leagues in Portugal, Spain, France, Turkey, Brazil and Israel as well as a stint on the Brazilian University National Team. Along the way, he played with some of the best players in the world and worked with top coaches all over the world.  This allowed him to not only absorb skills but learn about different coaching styles at the same time. 

Since retiring from the professional circuit, Mauricio's goal and passion has been to work with kids to teach what he learned during his 24 years as a volleyball player.