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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unable to try out in July?

Players who are unable to tryout in July can do an observation during one of our Pre-Tryout Clinics. Observations will only be done on the following dates:

- U15 and Older: May 21 and June 8
- U14 and Younger: May 22 and June 8

Do I need to register separately for the Pre-Tryout Clinic to do an observation if I have already registered for tryouts?

Yes, Even if you have already registered for tryouts, you need to separately register for a Pre-Tryout Clinic on our Academy website.

Do I have to pay for Tryouts as well as the clinics?

Yes, the Tryout Registration fee covers the administrative aspects of tryouts.  Pre-tryout clinics are a separate offering to help players prepare for tryouts, or for Observation in Lieu of tryouts.

What age group is my daughter?

By definition a players USAV age is their age as of July 1, 2025.  The attached chart can also be used to identify their USAV age.

For example:  A player that turns 14 on July 2, 2024 would play U14. A player that turns 14 on June 30, 2024 would play U15.

What are the fees for club volleyball?

We are finalizing our fee schedule and will have it available after the parent's meeting on May 28th.

Can my daughter play school volleyball and club volleyball?

Yes, the schedules are designed to allow players to participate in both.

What how long is the season?

We have teams at three levels: Regional, National and Elite. The season for Regional teams runs from October until Late April/Early May.  National and Elite teams play from October until Late June/Early July. 

How often to the teams practice?

Regional teams practice twice a week, and National and Elite teams practice three times a week.

What days are the practices?

Practice days won't be determined until after tryouts when we know exactly what teams we will be forming.  Most (but not all) teams practice on one weekend day and one or two weekdays.

What if your tryouts conflict with another club?

It's important to do your homework prior to tryouts to determine which clubs are your priorities. It is always preferable to attend the main tryout session for a club, so if M2 is your first choice, you should make every attempt to attend the main tryout session for your age group.  If another tryout requires you to be a little late, we don't consider that to be a problem.  If you decide to attend another club's tryouts, you are welcome to return to M2 for callbacks.  However we want to make sure players understand that we will not 'save spots' for callbacks.  If at all possible, we want to complete our teams on tryout days, especially at the Elite level.

Are callbacks required?

Callback sessions are mainly for players who are not able to make the first day or tryouts.  In rare cases, a player may be asked to return to callbacks by the coach if they feel they would like to see a player again before determining placement.  Any player is welcome to come to callbacks if for any reason they don't feel like they played their best on the main callback day.